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Agualytica provides several services alternating between security, business analytics, company protection, and prediction. Through allowing the user to continuously log their data, Agualytica recommends the optimum marketing methods to their users in order to achieve the best reach. In addition,


Our mission is to allow the average user to be able to deploy professional data analysis tools easily to their data and produce results through creating insightful dashboards that allow for overall improvement to their company/business.


Our vision is to be the leading service provider in data analytics for everyone and to create a simple environment that is trusted and used by businesses in the region for their data.

Security Monitoring and Alerting

An important use case of Agualytica is security monitoring and alerting. Security breaches are very costly and are becoming more common, therefore it is required for enterprises to detect the presence of security attacks and alert the user so that losses can be mitigated.

Automated Hassle- free Marketing

Agualytica provides AI/analytics as a service so different business use cases can be implemented directly on the platform. One of the use cases is enabling businesses to have a better reach in marketing by uncovering hidden trends in the behavior

Minimizing Losses

Insufficient preparation and outdated stock are large problems enterprises face which costs them a lot. This is where Agualytica comes to the rescue. Agualetica harnesses the power of advanced analytics and historical data to accurately predict future sales figures and customer demand.


Agualytica gives you the freedom to select the way you give shape to your data. With its interactive visualizations, start with one question and see where it leads you. See the full list of Agualetica features.


Machine Learning

Time Series


Security Analysis

A picture's worth a thousand log lines

Start exploring even if you’re not sure where you’re headed. Drag and drop fields, and see immediate previews as your data takes shape. Would that look better as a bar chart? Based on your field selection, smart suggestions in Agualytica  guide you towards visualizations that most effectively communicate your data. Spot an interesting trend that spurs another idea? No problem. Switch data sources on the fly for ad hoc analysis that makes it simple to follow your instincts and build out dashboards to continue monitoring. And it’s free and open.